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Technical Information For Phoenix No. 500 Synthetic Instrument Oil.
Instruments - meters - outdoor controls - miniature motors - powdered metal bearings - slides, etc. An excellent cutting oil on light metals. Wipe on metal parts to help prevent rust.

Very light viscosity for the best low temperature applications.
Wide temperature range. -90° F, to +250° F.
Excellent oxidation stability, no deposits.
Extremely long life.
Very low torque requirement.

Typical Properties
210°1.85 Cs.
100°4.95 Cs.
-40°152.0 Cs.
-65°655.0 Cs.
Pour Point-105° F.
Flash Point360° F.
Evaporation @ 210°3.9%
Useful Temperature Range-90° F. to +250° F.

For heavier duty but otherwise similar applications to those listed above use PHOENIX No. 510.

PHOENIX 500 is a synthetic base fluid and may adversely affect certain paints and elastomers. Products other than those developed for diester base fluids should be carefully tested for compatibility prior to use.

Data herein are for information only. User must establish suitability and precautions before repetitive use.