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Technical Information For Phoenix No. 505 Gear Lubricant.
Gear boxes - Ways and sliding surfaces - clutches - worm gears - cams and anti-friction bearings - musical instrument keys.

Highly compounded oil.
Base fluid - specially refined, extremely stable, mineral oil.
Chemical treatment - oxidation stabilizers.
Anti-wear compounds for high load carrying metals.
Polymers to reduce thinning and protect metal elements. Viscous fluid - adheres well to metals; resists flow from working parts, stays in bearings and gear boxes without leaking through seals; provides cushion for shock loads; shears readily; and reduces working temperatures.

Typical Properties
Specific Gravity, 60°F0.884
Viscosity, 100°F2,000 SUS
Flash Point480°F.
Fire Point500°F.
Timken OK Load55 lbs.
Falex Load2,000 lbs.
Oxidation stability pressure drop 100 hours5 lbs. Max.

PHOENIX No. 505 is especially useful on gear sets found in fishing reels, business machines, movie projectors, small power tools, record changers, mechanical toys, typewriters, etc.

Data herein are for information only. User must establish suitability and precautions before repetitive use.