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Technical Information For Phoenix 510 synthetic multi-purpose, all-temperature impregnating oil.
Developed for the impregnation of sintered bearings and felt reservoirs in fractional horsepower electric motors. For appliances, business machines, instruments, automotive equipment, fans, blowers, heaters.

Optimum viscosity for a wide range of applications.
Low evaporation rate for long life.
Excellent thermal and oxidation stability, will not form deposits.
Good anti-wear properties.
Widest possible temperature range.

Typical Properties
210° F8.30 Cs.
100° F38.44 Cs.
0° F942.0 Cs.
-40° F 8,998.0 Cs.
Pour Point-65° F. Max.
Flash Point410° F. Min.
Evaporation (400°F.)4%

PHOENIX 510 is a synthetic base fluid and may adversely affect certain paints and elastomers. Products other than those developed for diester base fluids should be carefully tested for compatibility prior to use.

Data herein are for information only. User must establish suitability and precautions before repetitive use.

Available from your dealer in 1/2 fluid ounce Precision Dispenser as Catalog No. 411-143-510.

Where a grease is required vie suggest PHOENIX No. 515 MULTI-PURPOSE GREASE w/TEFLON*.
*TEFLON is a Registered Trade Mark of the DuPont Company.