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Phoenix No. 515 Non-Toxic Grease With Ultra-Fine PTFE Powder (Teflon*).
PHOENIX 515 is a multi-purpose grease for use on plastic, metal or phenolic gears or sliding parts. 515 contains an optimum amount of Teflon* which increases its lubricity - its ability to reduce friction - and fight wear.

Bicycles and Riding Toys - sliding mechanisms - mechanical linkage - sewing machines -mechanical toys - fishing reels - instruments - typewriters - business machines - projectors - radio control linkage and gear sets, etc.

Good oxidation and thermal stability.
Water resistant.
Prevents rust and corrosion.
Excellent lubricity.

Typical Properties
NLGI Grade2 (Other Grades Available)
Color, VisualWhite
Penetration, ASTM D 217, 0.1mm
Water Washout, ASTM D 12640.2
Corrosion Test, ASTM D 11431
Pressure Oil Separation, U.S. Steel Method, % max3.5
Oxidation Stability, ASTM D 942, 100 hrs. @ 212°F (100° C)
Pressure Drop, psig, max
4 Ball EP Test, ASTM D 2596, Weld Load, kg200
Base Oil Properties:
Viscosity, ASTM D 445
cSt @ 40°C102.2
cSt @ 100°C11.3
Viscosity, Calculated
SUS @ 100°F474
SUS @ 210°F63.9
Viscosity Index96
Flash Point, COC, ASTM D 92
Pour Point, ASTM D 97

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*Teflon is a registered trademark of the DuPont Company.