Phoenix Unlimited, Specialty Lubricants & Hand Held Squeeze Bottle Dispensers Since 1962.
Phoenix No. 520 Multi-Purpose Oil.
Fractional horsepower motors - bearings - slides - sewing machines - reels - power tools - fans - small appliances - auto linkage - auto hood, door and trunk hinges - boat linkage and pulleys - business machines and infinite uses around the home, shop and office.

Useful temperature range: 0° to 250°F.
Prevents rust and corrosion.
Good oxidative stability.
Good shelf life.
Superior lubricating qualities.
Low evaporation rate.

Typical Properties
Viscosity, 100°F350 SUS
Pour Point0°F
Flash Point325°F
Fire Point400°F
Specific Gravity0.890

Data herein are for information only. User must establish suitability and precautions before repetitive use.