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Technical Data For Phoenix No. 540 Synthetic Impregnating Oil.
Lower in cost than the leading synthetic impregnating oil, but chemically and functionally it's equivalent. Phoenix 540 offers powder metal manufacturers and motor manufacturers a modern impregnating oil of consistently high quality. Phoenix 540 is recommended for use in small power tools, motion picture and slide projectors, business machines. Timers, automotive accessory motors etc.

Low evaporation rate - bearings in electric motors last longer.
Excellent oxidation stability - no deposits will form at shaft and bearing juncture.
Wide temperature range - offers extended life from -40° to 400°F.
Resists "pumping" - the oil migrates slowly out of the bearing to extend motor life.

Typical Properties
210°F Min. (89.98°C) ASTM D-445 (64.6 SUS)11.5 Cs.
100°F Max. (37.78°C) ASTM D-445 (302.0 SUS)65 Cs.
Pour Point ASTM D.97 (-59.44°C)-75°F
Flash Point ASTM D-92 (260.0°C)500°F
Fire Point ASTM D-92 (285.O°C)545°F
Neutralization No., Max0.7
Evaporation, 6 1/2 Hrs. @ 400°F ASTM D-9724%
Evaporation, 22 1/2 Hrs. @ 210°F ASTM D-9720.7%
Specific Gravity 60°F ASTM D-1298.9094
Viscosity Index ASTM D-2270189
Lbs. /Gal. @ 60°F7.57
Auto Ignition Temperature(443.33°C) 830°F