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Technical Information For Phoenix No. 560 Synthetic Instrument Oil (MIL-L-6085C).
Instruments - business machines - appliances - meters - postal equipment - motors - compressors - timing devices - hydraulic devices - aircraft instruments - electronic equipment, etc.

Light viscosity for outstanding low temperature actuation.
High viscosity index, less change with temperature.
Low evaporation rate for long life.
Excellent oxidation stability - non-gumming.
Wide useful temperature range - -65° to 300°F.
Conforms to MIL-L-6085A.

Typical Properties
210°F. (98.9°C)ASTM D-445 (37.5 SUS) 3.4 Cs.
100°F. (37.8°C)ASTM D-445 (11.6 SUS) 13.5 Cs.
0°F. (-17.8°C)ASTM D-445 185Cs.
Viscosity IndexASTM D-2270 168
Pour PointASTM D-97 (65°C ) -85°F
Flash PointASTM D-92 (223.89°C) 435°F
Fire PointASTM D-92 (240.65°C ) 465°F
EvaporationASTM D-972-56 0.85%
Specific Gravity (Observed)0.925
Moisture ContentNil

Phoenix 560 is a synthetic base fluid and may adversely affect certain paints & elastomers. Products other than those developed for diester base fluids should be carefully tested for compatibility prior to use.

Data herein are for information only. User must establish suitability and precautions before repetitive use.