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Technical Data For Phoenix No. 565 General Purpose, Low Temperature, Anti Rust Oil.
Ph565 is designed for use as a general purpose, low-temperature lubricating oil for operation in the temperature range of -65°f to 250°f (-45°c to 122°c). It is especially useful where a light oil of low evaporation rate which provides rust protection is desired.

Ph565 is a clear, highly refined blend of petroleum base stock and additives, witch provide. Excellent resistance to oxidation, protection against rusting, and limit galvanic corrosion.

Typical Properties
Test (ASTM)DescriptionSpecification RequirementsResult
D287Gravity, Api @ 60°F (15°C), DegreesReport29.0
Table 8Pounds Per GallonReport7.34
Clear, Transparent, And Uniform
 Color, ASTM, No.5 Maximum4
D445Viscosity @ 100°F (38°C), cSt10 Minimum10.8
D445Viscosity @ -40°F(- °C), cSt4000 Minimum3380
D92Flash Point, COC, °F (°C)265 Minimum300 (149)
D97Pour Point, °F (°C)-70 Maximum<-69 (<-56)
D130Copper Strip Corrosion
3 Hours @ 210°F (100°C)
1a MaximumPass
FTM 5308Corrosion-0xidation Stability
168 Hours @ 250°F (122°C)
Corrosion; Pitting Or Etching
 Copper Wt. Loss, Mg/Cm2± 0.2 Maximum± 0.03
 Steel Wt. Loss, Mg/Cm2± 0.2 Maximum± 0.02
 Aluminum Wt. Loss, Mg/Cm2± 0.2 Maximum-0.02
 Magnesium Wt. Loss, Mg/Cm2± 0.2 Maximum-0.01
 Cadmium Wt. Loss, Mg/Cm2± 0.2 Maximum-0.03
 Separation Or GummingNoneNone
 Change In Viscosity @ 100°F (38°c)-5 To +20+3.9
 Change In Neutralization No.0.20 Maximum+0.05
 Oil Weight Loss, %8 Maximum1.1
 Protection, H.C., Hours100 MinimumPass
202Low Temperature Stability
72 Hours., @ -65°F (-54°C)
 Evaporation Loss
22 Hours. @ 210°F (100°C),%
22 Maximum18.9
 Corrosivity Test: 10 Days @ 80°F (27°C)PassPass