Phoenix Unlimited, Specialty Lubricants & Hand Held Squeeze Bottle Dispensers Since 1962.
Description Of Dispensers
bellows precision dispensersround precision dispensers

Item #Description
130213 mm Dropper Plug/Clear Cap
13102-RH13 mm Red Cap with Hole
13102-BH13 mm Black Cap with Hole
132313 mm Luer Slip Plug
13247/8″ x .060″ I.D. Dispenser
132513 mm Luer Lock Plug
1325-18GS13 mm Luer Lock Plug-18 Gauge Needle-Green Scabbard
1325-20PS13 mm Luer Lock Plug-20 Gauge-Pink Scabbard
13273/8″ x .027″ I.D. Dispenser Plug
13321-1/4″ x .012″ I.D. Dispenser Plug
13331-1/4″ x .027″ I.D. Dispenser Plug
1335 2″ x .027″ I.D. Dispenser Plug
1500Y15/415 Yorker Spout Cap
150115/415 Brush Cap
1502CDropper Plug for 15/415 Neck ~~Round End ~Controlled
1502PFMDPE Flat Top Pressure- Fitted Dropper Plug
1502UMDPE Dropper for 15/415 Neck ~~Round End ~Uncontrolled
1510215/415 White Flat Fine Ribbed Cap
15102-H15/415 White Flat Fine Ribbed Cap with Hole
1510315/415 White Dropper Cap
15273/8″ x .027″ I.D. Dispenser Cap
15321-1/4″ x .012″ I.D. Dispenser Cap
15331-1/4″ x .027″ I.D. Dispenser Cap
15352″ x .027″ I.D. Dispenser Cap
1578.031″ I.D. Strap Cap - 15/415 Neck
4331″-20 Gauge Aluminum Cap

Miscellaneous Items, Hang Tubes
7/8″ x 6″Clear Plastic Tube w/Red Cap For Hanging Display
1-3/8″ x 7- 1/8″Clear Plastic Tube w/Red Cap For Hanging Display
BCOPlastic Bellows Cover