Phoenix Unlimited, Specialty Lubricants & Hand Held Squeeze Bottle Dispensers Since 1962.
Specialty Lubricants
PHX-500Synthetic extremely low temperature instrument oil
PHX-505Gear lubricant
PHX-510Synthetic multi-purpose all-temp impregnating oil
PHX-515Stainless multi-purpose grease with PTFE
PHX-520Medium multi-purpose oil
PHX-525Light multi-purpose oil
PHX-530Mineral based multi-purpose oil
PHX-535Micro-fine powdered PTFE
PHX-540Synthetic impregnating oil
PHX-545V V 800c general purpose low temp water displacing oil
PHX-550Mil-L 46000c weapons oil
PHX-555Sewing, knitting, and embroidery machine oil
PHX-560Mil-L-6085c synthetic oil for aircraft and electronic instruments
PHX-565Mil-L-7870 general purpose low temp anti-rust oil
PHX-570Non-toxic silicone lubricant
PHX-580Non-toxic anti-wear light oil
PHX-581Non-toxic dental handpiece oil
PHX-582Non-toxic anti wear light oil